Corporates are dealing with an increasing amount of data. This exponentially increasing volume of data, so called Big Data, can create more insights and a better understanding of the entity itself or the (market) conditions in which it operates. A precondition for this insight, however, is to analyse the data and to interpret it according to relevancy and value for the user. This is the main challenge for the coming years. This challenge is already of tremendous importance today and will become critical.

We introduce the top-10 most wanted Data Science jobs world wide.

Data Scientist, EMC Research, Inc. Columbus, OH

EMC Research is a full-service research firm, specializing in polling, data analytics, audience targeting, focus groups, and public opinion research consulting with offices in Columbus, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, DC. We see research as a service, not just a product. We know it’s not just about the numbers; it’s what the numbers mean and how they can help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients…..

EMC Research, Inc.